Voiceworks Launches FMC Portfolio and Partner Programme

This Monday, Dutch VoIP and business broadband player Voiceworks entered the mobile market. As MVNE on the KPN network, it launched three (converged) business mobile services. Voiceworks Mobile is the core mobile voice and data service. Mobile Connect mobilizes existing on-premise PBX installations through a connection with the Voiceworks hybrid VoIP/GSM core. Managed Mobile hosts PBX functionality plus mobility in the Voiceworks data centre, alleviating the need for an on-premise PBX.

Voiceworks partners can resell these services under the Voiceworks brand name, or use their own branding. Voiceworks launched four mobile partner models: Dealer, Wholesale Agent, Wholesale Premium and MVNO. These models vary in customer control, ownership, and branding. For instance, Dealers resell Voiceworks services, while MVNO partners set their own pricing and brand and have sales commitments and targets.

While Voiceworks claims to have the most complete FMC portfolio in the Dutch market, they are not alone in offering FMC services. They do have some unique features, most notably the ability to link two numbers to one simcard, an efficient real-time ordering process for the channel (Operator Online), and self-service smart routing capabilities for mobile workers and customers. In addition, Voiceworks claims to be 10-15% lower in pricing compared to KPN or Vodafone offerings. In a saturated Dutch telecom market, Voiceworks will need that feature and price differentiation in order to compete.

We recently wrote about the surge in FMC. The METISfiles expects service providers to combine cloud, unified communications and collaboration (UCC), and FMC aspects into single converged services that combine the following:

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