Collaboration In The New Ecosystem

The METISfiles presented at the Avaya Forum in Oslo on April 26. Pim Bilderbeek, principal analyst, wrapped up the event explaining why businesses need to look to consumer social hubs and evolve their communications and collaboration solutions from separate silos to an integrated mix of devices, apps and solutions on a cloud-based infrastructure. The presentation revolved around three connected themes – driven by innovation in technology and business models – that represent the METISfiles enterprise vision (see graph below).

As enterprises are slowly transitioning towards this vision, collaboration and communication in the enterprise need to adapt and change. Today we can reach virtually anyone on the planet instantly – whenever we want and wherever they are – with the numerous communications channels and devices we have at our disposal. But with this multitude comes the risk of information overload and communications breakdown. In fact, in the enterprise, the advantages of ubiquitous connectivity could be in real danger of being offset through ineffective collaboration between workers, customers, partners and business units.

Enterprises realize they must improve the communication and collaboration experience but are still figuring out how social media integrates within corporate culture and business process. Most enterprises have Stage 1 and 2 communications and collaboration solutions in place and are moving toward Stage 3 and 4. A top-down social communication and collaboration implementation that doesn’t take into consideration both user preference and enterprise needs is bound to fail. Faced with ubiquitous connectivity and customers who are moving to a world that is social, mobile and open, the METISfiles recommends the following to corporations:

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