Mobilising People And Enterprise

The METISfiles presented at the Innovation Group Mobile Forum 2012 in Milan on February 22. Pim Bilderbeek, Principal Analyst, provided the keynote with a presentation on how Enterprises should start to put mobility, cloud and social capabilities at the core of their business model. These cannot afford to be left as adjunct capabilities. If you don’t already or are not planning to offer applications that are mobile, available in the cloud and social, you will be at a disadvantage.

The new emerging business platform is built on cloud infrastructure. IT deployment models are radically moving from a manual, scheduled, and physical orientated architecture to an automated, on-demand, and virtual architecture. At the same time the control of IT operations is moving from the customer to the supplier as is infrastructure ownership, and services responsibility. Enterprises will need to orchestrate a hybrid mix of cloud and non-cloud IT resources for some time.

Social collaboration is as an integral part of the new platform fabric. Faced with ubiquitous connectivity and customers that are moving to a world that is social, mobile and open, enterprises realize that they must improve the communication and collaboration experience to attract young talent and to boost productivity and innovation. Yet, at the same time, they need to make sure that a proposed unified communication and collaboration implementation is suited to the conglomerate needs and that all employees will feel compelled to use it.

Remote access is the new default way of entrance. The worker is being liberated from the office as enterprises discover that work is not a place but an activity that increasingly can be done anywhere, anytime and on any device. Enterprise data is being liberated from client/server as the cloud virtualizes servers and clients. IT is being liberated from the IT department as employees start to bring their own devices and use consumer technology and social media rather than corporate IT.

Mobility, cloud and social are part of a complex of events that reinforces itself through a feedback loop and form the virtuous circle that mobilizes people and enterprise.

Below you can find the slides of the Mobilising People and Enterprise presentation. The slides are embedded in this post but can also be downloaded on slideshare.

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